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The Lighton International Artists Exchange program has a strong track record of changing lives and perceptions across the globe. If you are inspired by the global exchange of ideas and want to help create a dynamic international dialogue then please give today - any amount helps.

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The month I spent at the residency at Green Olive Arts allowed me considerable time to focus on my writing in ways I have never been allowed before...giving me a new set of tools to use in my daily writing. I can see more clearly how my work has fundamentally grown, tapping into emotions and problems I could only experience in Tetouan at this particular time in my life.
— Annie Raab, 2016, Tetouan, Morocco

Being a recipient of the LIAEP grant has meant several things to me. First, and foremost it catapulted me from a local scale–to an international one. The exposure gained from my trip from Kansas City to Berlin is immeasurable. I was able to test my creative prowess, and see immediate results of my hard work while gaining new contacts and resources. Today, I am still in contact with many of the organizations and individuals I met while in Berlin, and my creative career is impacted daily by them.
— Peggy Noland, 2009, Berlin