"The LIAEP Grant was essential for me, it made it possible for me to create work at the Ceramic Center of Berlin for four months. This was an invaluable experience as the new environment was inspiring. It also exposed me to an international audience, including curators and gallerists. Moreover, the residency I did in Berlin enabled me to create a brand new body of work, many creative ideas originated at the ceramic Center that I am still exploring today- years later." 

 Roxanne Jackson, Berlin 2010


"I can recall so much from this experience and it is the sight sounds and feelings that still show up in my work today. I am grateful to have experienced these moments and to have been a part of what is sure to be a legendary offering for the world of art."

Shane Evans, South Africa 2008


"The experience is still overwhelming. As I write this I am beginning works that bear formal quotes from the Soviet and ecclesiastical architecture I saw, as well as the ubiquitous khachkars or “cross-stones.” Even on a strictly visual basis, Yerevan, and the country as a whole, was an exhaustingly stimulating environment."

William Vannerson, Armenia 2012


The Lighton International Artists Exchange Program (LIAEP) works to make the world a smaller place by giving artists of different cultures the opportunity to work together, in the hope that lasting friendship and understanding will develop.

The program provides support for visual artists and arts professionals to travel to international residencies and artist communities and for foreign visual artists to travel to and work in the United States.


LIAEP’s goal is to encourage and reward dedicated artists with the unique opportunities afforded by travel for the exchange of ideas and expertise between peers. We hope to enrich creative development, expand access to the art of other cultures and deepen mutual understanding across cultures.


The program seeks applications from dedicated artists who create work of exceptional quality and whose work and career is at a level to benefit from international exchange with peers. 

Funding Priorities

The program is especially interested in funding artists who have not yet worked in a foreign country and in funding travel and residencies to countries that are less Westernized. Artists from Kansas City and the Central Plains/Midwest area receive first priority for funding.



We value our partnership with the

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