Lighton International Artists Exchange Program Announces 2016 Awards

Seven artists in various media receive grants for international travel in 2016­-17

The awardees were selected from among 51 applicants representing a wide range of artistic mediums. Applications were made from foreign countries and from across the United States. The 2016 LIAEP Award recipients represent ceramics, writing, performance, mixed­media, and sound/music and will use the grant support to take advantage of a stimulating range of work and study opportunities.

Einat Amir | Israel to USA

Einat Amir describes her practice as cross-disciplinary, involving visual art, music, theater and choreography, pushing to exist beyond the norms of the object‐based art world. Her works are partly staged, partly improvised, partly real‐time, partly pre‐recorded. She sees studio as a “lab of emotional research” where she experiments in creating interactions that blend the notions of authenticity, fabrication, and manipulation.

Amir will travel to Omaha, Nebraska to attend the Bemis Center Residency. Based on texts describing personal experiences of segregation in Israel-Palestine, she plans to collaborate with Omaha-based blues musicians to create a series of sound works that explore the relationship between segregation and music.



Rev. William Ellis Bradley | USA to Ireland

William Ellis Bradley is a Kansas City-based luthier, composer, and performer. Through this multifaceted approach to music, he attempts to elevate the spirituality of sound through experimental instrument design, a traditional approach to music composition, and ritual performance.

Bradley will attend the Artist In Residence program at the Burren College of Art, in Clare Ireland. He will utilize his time at the residency to develop new compositions and performances while researching Irish folk music and the stylistic influences of the Burren region of Ireland.


Linda Lopez | USA to Italy

A resident of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Linda Lopez’s artistic practice explores the relationships between subject and object. Her constructed still lifes explore the persistent presence of the absent. Her pieces search for the unseen thread that connects people and things that once shared an intangible moment. In this realm logic is lost, objects are personified, perception is ever changing, and things become their true self.

Lopez will attend the C.R.E.T.A. residency program in Rome, Italy. During her time at the residency she will research, experiment and execute a project based on the historical Coppa Amatoria (Lovers Cups).



Cat Mahari | USA to China

Cat Mahari’s creative work engages the subjects of Blackness, love, violence, gender, sexuality, desire, humour, and intimacy through an evolving investigation of movement and language. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Cat Mahari’s performances build on the rich and layered history of her own body, stemming from an archive of research and physical training with the intent of manifesting an intellectual and informal legacy through documentation. Her research and movement projects explore the connectivity between sociopolitical behavior and aesthetic processes.

Mahari will travel to Chinjiagou, China, for a month of independent research. During her travel, Mahari will participate in a cultural exchange of creative practice, receiving personal instruction in chen-style T'ai Chi Chuan while providing public instruction in Gool-style Krump dance, a street dance form originating from Kansas City. Mahari will explore how the ancient martial arts practice of T’ai Chi Chuan will inform the evolution of her existing project, In Violent/Break: the solo mixtape series.



Edward Monovich | USA to Switzerland

A resident of Belmont, Massachusetts, Edward Monovich’s academic and artistic experiences reflect manifold interests. Having received degrees in both biology and art, his artistic works reinterpret scenes from popular stories, news media, advertising and scientific journals. He seeks to broaden his perspective by exploring and collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds and geographies.

Monovich’s interests in mixed-media art and ecology have generated a novel collaboration opportunity that will take him to various locations in Europe. Ecologists, artists, and curators, from three Alpine countries, have invited him to create interactive installations at their cultural institutions that investigate the scientific and cultural history of the Alpine Ibex.



Annie Raab | USA to Morocco

Kansas Citian, Annie Raab, uses writing as a way to edge closer to her personal truths. She has a deep commitment to writing criticism that adds to the essential dialogue of a community, and to writing fiction that raises questions about our shared existence. She draws inspiration from stories that are shared in the community, stories of struggle, creativity, and the unintended consequences of love.

Raab will travel to Morocco to attend the Green Olive Arts Residency. Her time there will be spent developing a piece of short fiction that engages the global discourse surrounding feminism, equality, and the Islamic faith.

Stellaccio_Drifter (home).JPG

Anthony Stellaccio | USA to Israel

A resident of Belmont, Massachusetts, Anthony Stellaccio’s artwork begins at sites of memory—a cemetery, the home of a loved one, or a historical site with which he can connect. The earth he collects at these locations is reworked and bound with components of ceramic materials and shaped into impermanent sculptural forms.  

Stellaccio has been invited to participate in a one-month artist residency exploring post-colonialism at the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. He will draw upon his experience as a scholar and trained folklorist to conduct fieldwork in Israel that will directly inform the sculpture he has been asked to create.